President's Report

Greetings! On behalf of SCWEA’s executive, I would like to extend a warm welcome to all of our new members, new executive and advisory Council members.  We are so excited and pleased to have you as part of our team. 
What a fantastic conference in Moose Jaw  - again!  It was great to be back in Moose Jaw at the Temple Gardens Mineral Spa.   I hope all of you enjoyed the conference as much as it did.  Thank you to all who attended our conference this fall and a big thanks to Renette and Cory for all their hard work putting together such great sessions and such great prizes. 

We were very excited to distribute our SCWEA USB Drives, pens and brochures.  We were able to purchase these because of our Special Project Grant from the STF.  This year we will be working to load up the USB Drives with information, tools, websites, that we hope you will find useful.

I wish you all a great school year filled with success.

Cynthia Wright-Fulton
November 2014

Annual President’s Report – October 2014

The SK Career and Work Educations Association (SCWEA) has enjoyed another productive year thanks to our dynamic, committed Executive Council and strong membership of teachers and community supporters across our province.  Last year’s annual SCWEA Conference was held in one of the most beautiful areas of Saskatchewan – Elk Ridge Resort, on October 2-4th. The theme was –“Your Career – A Work OF Art!” We learned many new and exciting things at our conference. We were thrilled by the career event stories of Greg Johnson, the Tornado Hunter and we were enlightened, as usual, by Phil Jarvis and Vicki Towriss who keep us up to date about the state of Career Development in Canada and Saskatchewan.   Thanks to the executive members for planning “Your Career -  A Work Of Art”.

This year’s conference, “Design a Life You Love”, is being held at the beautiful Temple Gardens Spa in Moose Jaw.  Conference Chairs, Cory and Renette have but together fantastic opportunities for us to learn about all the opportunities that exist to help us assist the students and clients navigate the rapid changes in our world.  SCWEA executive realizes the challenges facing teachers/counselors to attain approval to attend the provincial conferences.  It is our hope the name change from STF Special Subject Councils to Professional Growth Networks will align with school divisions professional development goals and thereby assisting our membership to attain leave permission and funding.

Regular communication with and between our SCWEA members continues to be a main goal of our Association, so we continue to produce our quality, information-packed e-News that each of our members receives electronically on a monthly basis.  In addition to the e-News, our members also receive our professional journal – “Career Connections”, twice a year – December and June, thanks to our fantastic dedicated editor- director, Leanne Merkowsky.

SCWEA’s three executive meetings this past year were held on November 15, 2013, March 14, 2014 and September 19, 2014 at the Saskatoon Public Schools Central Office.  Our Annual General Meeting for 2013 was held at the annual SCWEA Conference at Elk Ridge Resort, October 2-4, 2013.    

SCWEA received a STF Special Project Grant in the spring of 2013.  We continue to work on the initiatives from the grant.  Our goals are to:

  1. Promote SCWEA to various conferences and the Universities. We have been achieving this through providing the conferences with our Pop-up display and promotional items (pens and brochures).
  2. Speaking to students currently in the College of Education. One presentation was made to the U of S and we are still working on presenting to the U of R through the Business Education but are on hold with this request due to the review of the business program.

Current  SCWEA Executive:

Cynthia Wright-Fulton - President
Marlene Flaman-Dunn – Past President
Kelly Bararuk – Vice President
Vanessa Lewis – Secretary
Jocelyn Kennedy – Treasurer
Leanne Merkowsky – Director Editor
Cory Cochrane – Director
Renette Edgar – Director

Advisory Council:

Rick Clark – Career Education Consultant - Saskatoon Public School Division
Gord Heidel – Executive Director – Regina District Industry Education Council

Ministry of Education Contacts:

Julie Lemire – PAA Coordinator Ministry of Education
Barb McKinnon – Career Education – Ministry of Education

STF Liaison:
Fay Elke

SCWEA has enjoyed another successful and prosperous year due to the tremendous leadership and commitment of the Executive and the ongoing interest and support of our province-wide membership.  It is such a privilege to be president of this vibrant progressive SCWEA Association.

Submitted by – Cynthia Wright Fulton
October 2014
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