SCWEA Student Awards 2015

Student nomination form [PDF]

My CWEX class and work experiences have benefited me a lot over the years. It taught me the skills to work effectively in the workplace and be more confident with customers and employers. When I started CWEX in grade ten, I was really shy about meeting different people and trying new things. The class gave me practice in a safe environment and over the years and different job placements and experiences, I got more confident and communicated better with others (classmates, teachers, employers, and customers). I learned how to tell people if something was bothering me or not working well, how to problem solve, and learned many new skills. Some of the placements I had were: Windmill Greenhouses, the Co-Op Gas Bar, Mark's Work Warehouse, and Shoppers Drug Mart. I also did volunteer work in schools, our Learning Garden at school, and Good Food Box/Hunger in Moose Jaw. My grade 11placement even led to a Part-Time Job that I still have at Mark's Work Warehouse. I learned to have a great work ethic and do my very best at any job I was given, and recommend this class to anyone.

Michael Haubrich
Albert E. Peacock Collegiate
Moose Jaw, SK

When I began the CWE program I was very lost in what I wanted to do with my future, I had a few ideas but no real direction. Through the program I was able to learn about myself, and get a better understanding of what type of career I would be interested in. For my first placement, I went to a kindergarten class. This experience helped me to realize that I want to be a teacher. The experience was so rewarding and eye opening that I can’t really imagine doing anything else. I never knew how much fun it could be to help a child read or write. Without that experience I may have never discovered my passion and talent for teaching. I really am grateful for this program and I would recommend it to any high school student.

Cassidy Jellison
Tommy Douglas Collegiate
Saskatoon, SK

Work experience has been an extremely helpful and insightful opportunity for me. I was able to work in several different placements that allowed me to explore the wonders of the working world. As a student that was entirely unsure of what career I wanted to pursue, work experience helped me rule out careers not right for me and spark my interest in ones that were. The class also taught me lessons on how to communicate with people and how to be an excellent employee in my future career path, lessons that are not generally taught in a classroom. Work experience is a great opportunity and has helped me make many decisions about my future.

Crystal MacDonald
North West Central School
Plenty, SK

I had the opportunity to participate in the Career and Work Experience 10 program as well as Career and Work A30. I enjoyed taking part in both of these Career classes. By having access to these programs in my community, I was able to have exposure to three different businesses. I liked all the placements but it was my placement at South East Electric in Carlyle that I really found valuable. I had taken an electrical course at school so it was awesome to be able to put the skills I learned in class to practical use. My placement at South East Electric has encouraged me to pursue my dream of being an Electrician. I have learned many valuable skills at my job placements. I also am more aware of safety on the job. I learned new skills and had fun doing the placements. I really am glad I got to participate in the Career and Work Experience Program.

Marc Shaw
G.F. Kells High School
Carlyle School