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Saskatchewan Teachers’ Federation


The objectives of SSCA are:

1. To keep in the forefront of developments in human understanding, and to be alert to the basic philosophies underlying educational, economic, and social goals, especially as they relate to the individual's freedom and responsibility.

2. To foster the interests and endeavours of all those who are engaged in guidance and counselling by promoting contacts among persons, agencies, and organizations participating in the work of educational, vocational, and personal guidance and counselling of youths and adults.

3. To provide facilities and opportunities for exchanging information relating to guidance and counselling.
4. To work toward development and coordination of existing guidance and counselling services.

5. To work through community and private agencies and governmental and educational authorities, and collaborate with other professional associations towards improved conditions, resources, research and facilities for guidance and counselling.

6. To provide an official voice for Saskatchewan on matters relating to guidance and counselling.